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Unload your mind with brain-dumps

How to use brain-dumps

Let's say that you're brainstorming ideas for how to improve database performance and just want to get thoughts down fast and messy.

Hit cmd / ctrl N to create a new unnamed stash. This untitled stash will live in Home where you can find it by chronology easily.

Start your brain dump with cmd-n

It's currently unnamed but since you want to start dumping your thoughts right away, that's fine.

Now you can create some notes!

Add notes to your brain dump

Once you're done getting your ideas down, you can reprioritize. Use drag and drop to move notes around.

Or you can use your keyboard to re-order your notes. Use cmd / ctrl to move a note.

Reorder your notes with cmd-up

After you've followed up on some items, you can mark them as done by hitting the X key.

Mark notes as done with X

You can name your note to make it easier to pick up on later. Use shift E to edit the name without leaving your keyboard. Alternatively, you can click the title area with your mouse.

Rename your note with cmd-k

Make your Work

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