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Project notes

Project setup

We recommend creating stashes for active projects so that you can capture all related notes to that project in one place. The notes will be timestamped and ordered chronologically by default.

For recommendations on Todos in Stashpad, see Simple & organized todos.

Create your project stash

To start, create a stash for your current project. Drag it to the left sidebar for quick access.

Create project stash

Enable scroll to bottom

When you want to start out at the bottom of the list when you open a stash in a new tab, you can enable the "Scroll to bottom" setting on the stash. This is helpful when you're periodically appending to the list, and want to see most recent notes first.

Scroll to to the bottom of a stash

Add project notes

As you think of ideas, todos, or gather information, you can jot down ideas to this project space. Just click on the Project and jot it down.

By organizing your notes into the right Project area as you write them, your notes will be easy to find later without any further organizing work.

Note that you can bring up Stashpad at any time using cmd / ctrl shift 0. You can also customize this keybinding.

Add notes to a project stash

Add sub-notes

To add sub-notes, select a note or stash and hit enter. Then type your sub-notes and hit enter. Alternatively, you can open your note or stash in a tab using the right arrow.

Add sub-notes to a project stash note

Mark up your notes

Select a project note and hit X to mark it as done. hit L to assign a color to the note. You can also mark up notes using markdown.

Make your Work

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