Fast markdown notes for individuals and teams

Stashpad Lists is an uncomplicated notes app for collaborative work.

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A note-taking experience
that feels familiar

Markdown support

Easily and clearly share your ideas with markdown. No auto-formatting that guesses wrong.

Keyboard centric

Never leave your keyboard thanks to customizable keybindings for everything.

Stashes and Docs

Use stashes for splists of short notes, and docs for free-form writing.

Command palette

Use CMD/CTRL + K to act on notes with a type-to-filter list of actions. It’s the only keybinding you need to be efficient in Stashpad.

Flexible structure

Nest notes and docs as you wish to create your ideal hierarchy.


Stashpad is ultra-snappy and works offline - but your notes sync securely between your devices and collaborators.

... a second brain for busy developers that helps them stay focused and retain those stray thoughts that can add up to something big later on.

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Stashpad has kept the note-taking part simple even though there's a lot of flexibility when it comes to organizing and structuring notes.

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Stashpad is a note-taking app aimed at developers, but handy for anyone looking to quickly create, compartmentalize, and customize notes or splists.

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