We're a Small Team

Nick Beaulieu

Nick Beaulieu


Engineering at Levitate, Caterpillar.

Cara Marin

Cara Marin

Co-founder, CEO

Engineering at Twilio. Techstars & Columbia Alum.

Tristan Dyer

Tristan Dyer


Civil Engineering PhD at NC State. Computer Science Postdoc at Brown University.

Theo Marin

Theo Marin

Co-founder, CTO

Engineering at Nextdoor. Techstars & Columbia Alum.

ExcuseEmbrace the Mess

Some of the things we care about most

Daily tools. The tools we use every day shape our experience of work and life. Given how much time we spend in our daily tools, we think they deserve the utmost care and attention.

Simplicity. Tools shouldn't get in the way - they should make it as frictionless as possible to do what you're trying to do. They should be intuitive, because we have better things to do than learn the ins and outs of complex tools.

Speed. Small slowdowns here and there are more disruptive to your flow than they might seem. They add up and get in the way of creativity and problem solving.

At Stashpad, we strive to build tools that bring joy to your daily work.

About us

Stashpad is a startup based in Durham, NC. It used to be called Bytebase.

Our first product, Stashpad Lists, is a notes app designed to feel like you're messaging yourself. It offers a flexible structure and has customizable keyboard shortcuts for nearly everything. It's available as a desktop app and mobile app, on all major platforms.

Our newest product and current focus is Stashpad Docs, a minimal Google Docs alternative. It offers first-class markdown support and doesn't require an account to use it. It's a browser-based app. You can try it by going to https://stash.new.

As a team, we were tired of heavy, complex work tools. Our goal is to create tools that are fast and ergonomic, and let you focus on what matters.

We participated in Techstars Anywhere '21, and are backed by Precursor Ventures and people who have helped build Twilio, Slack, Superhuman, GitHub, and others.

Want to chat? Get in touch at hello@stashpad.com.

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