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Embracing messiness

It's easy to be deceived into believing that perfection is attainable. That our notes should be articulate, organized, and thorough from the get-go. Reality is a lot messier. As we go about our busy lives, thoughts pop into our head, unexpected things come up, someone shares something worth noting.

We try to jot these fragments down as quickly as possible and return to what we were doing. This is natural, and beneficial - we don't want to be straining to remember all these things. But there comes a time when we want to process what we've written. We want to get rid of old stuff, gather related things, and refer back to what we did previously. This still isn't about striving for perfection, though. It's about finding a lightweight way to make things a little more manageable.

Stashpad is about embracing imperfection. It's about supporting us in our busy, messy day-to-day. It's about making it a little bit easier to do what we need to do and keep track of what matters.

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Chris Lawrence
Previously: Engineering at Levitate, Precision Lender, Citrix.
Theo Marin
Co-founder, CTO
Previously: Engineering at Nextdoor. Techstars & Columbia Alum.
Nick Beaulieu
Previously: Engineering at Levitate, Caterpillar.
Drew White
Previously: Developer and Marketing Director at EMX, Dunstone.
Cara Borenstein
Co-founder, CEO
Previously: Engineering at Twilio. Techstars & Columbia Alum.
Tristan Dyer
Previously: Civil Engineering PhD at NC State. Computer Science Postdoc at Brown University.

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