Jot down notes
Organize later

Stashpad is the fast and easy way
to take notes as you work.

Devs will feel right at home

Meticulously engineered and designed to fit the way you work.


Write text in a way that feels natural to you. Check lists links and more. Code syntax highlighting.


Your notes should not slow you down. Stashpad is local-first. Every action in under 100ms.


Customize your keybindings, organization structure, color theme and more. API coming soon!

Never leave your keyboard

  • Focus text box

  • Navigate

    ↑ / ↓
  • Multi select

    ↑ / ↓
  • Move locally

    ↑ / ↓
  • Color

  • Mark as done

  • Open tab


Stashpad keeps things simple

Work, organize and write your way.

Organize your way

Write to anywhere from anywhere. Pin frequently used stacks and access recent locations from the nav bar.

Wicked fast search

Sub 100ms search results for any query. Filter by timestamp and location.

Time-stamped entries

Like a running log of all your notes, timestamps help you gain context, find notes quickly and reference notes easily.

Write your way

Create notes without worrying about where they should go. Just type and hit enter, like you’re messaging yourself.