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Use Stashpad locally

You can use the Stashpad desktop app 100% locally. Most people who use Stashpad locally choose to back up their notes to AWS S3 or Dropbox. Your notes are stored in a local file.

Or sync across devices

You can opt-in for cloud sync if you'd like Stashpad to sync your data across devices. Your notes will sync instantaneously across devices. All of your notes are encrypted at rest and in transit.

Share metadata to make Stashpad better

We collect anonymous metadata to help us make the app better.

By default, we measure the frequency of general app usage and specific feature usage within the app.

This only contains metadata about the type of event - it never includes any data about the user or the notes themselves.

Metadata on general app usage includes when the app is opened, closed, focused, and if it is actively used in a 5-minute time interval.

Metadata on specific feature usage include actions like Note Created, Note Edited, and CMD-K used.

You can opt-out of metadata on feature usage when you first open the app, or by replaying the welcome message at any time.

We never collect anything other than anonymous metadata.

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