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Simple & organized todos

Getting Started with Todos in Stashpad

With Stashpad, you can jot down Todos to the right place, no matter what you're doing. This leads to less maintenance later and more sustainable organization. You can also re-arrange todos and apply formatting to reflect priority and organization.

Create a Todo stash

You can start by creating a Todos stash. Type "Todos" and hit enter. Then drag Todos into your left sidebar.

Creating todo stash in Stashpad

Add Todos

Jot down your todos one at a time.

Add todos to stash in Stashpad

Reorder your todos

Reorder todos in your list using cmd / ctrl .

Alternatively, reorder using drag and drop. Select the drag handler on the left side of a note available on hover.

Reorder todos in Stashpad

When reordering, you can also send directly to top (front) by hitting F or to bottom by hitting B.

Configure Done behavior

In Stashpad, you can customize the behavior when you mark an item as done.

GroupGroup done items at the bottom of a stash
HideHide done items from stash
TrashMove done items to Trash. Does not apply to items marked as done before option was selected.
Configure done behavior for todos in Stashpad

Make your Work

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