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Keyboard Navigation

A few shortcuts that will make navigating around your notes a breeze.

Select a note/stash /
Go into selected stash
Go back to previous stashcmd/ctrl [
Go forward from previous stashcmd/ctrl ]
Go up to parent of current stash

Select a note/stash

Navigate a list of note or stashes with and .

Open note/stash in tab

Hitting with a note or stash selected will open it in a new tab. If it is already open in a tab, you'll navigate to that tab.

Hitting will navigate you back to the stash you were previously in.

If no note or stash is selected, and you previously used cmd/ctrl [ to navigate to a previous stash, hitting cmd/ctrl ] will navigate you back to your original stash.

Use the shortcut to navigate to the parent of the current stash.


To change how you navigate around Stashpad, check out our Customize keybindings page and set your own shortcuts!

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