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Local searchcmd / ctrl F

Search for notes and stashes using global search. Open global search with / , enter your search query with the keyboard, navigate the results with or , and go to the selected result by hitting enter.

You can apply filters on your search to specify date ranges or the stash that you want to search within. You can also specify a fuzzy or exact match search.

inin: todosIn todos stash
beforebefore: 2 weeks agoOlder than 2 weeks
before: 6/1/2022Before June 1, 2022
afterafter: last monthCreated after last month
onon: mondayOn this most recent Monday
exact match"Follow-up"Has exact text Follow-up

Hit cmd / ctrl F and start typing to search for text in your current stash (similar to searching for text in your current browser tab). Press enter to focus the next result.

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