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Copy and paste

You can use the various copy actions in Stashpad as a lightweight form of doing an export.

CopyC or cmd / ctrl C
Deep CopyY or cmd / ctrl C
Copy current stashcmd / ctrl shift C
Deep Copy current stashcmd / ctrl shift Y
Pastecmd / ctrl V


Press C or cmd / ctrl c to copy a note the same way it is displayed in the app.

The copied text will be formatted correctly for destinations that use markdown or rich text.

You can use "deep copy" (y shortcut) to copy the tree of contents within a stash.

When copying or deep-copying the current stash contents, use the same shortcuts with the shift modifier.


Press cmd / ctrl v to paste anything in your clipboard into the Stashpad textbox. If the "Split newlines to separate notes" option is enabled (the left-most icon in the textbox), when you hit enter, the text you pasted will be split into multiple notes if it contains newlines.

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