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Tame context-switching

Write to a different stash

As engineers, we all wish we could be in deep flow all day but that's rarely what happens. Stashpad aims to reduce the time it takes to handle each context switch so that you can spend more time in flow. When you're doing one thing and think of something unrelated you'd like to get down, you can do so easily and cleanly.

Write to a different destination from any tab

Click on the destination drop down and select the location you'd like to write to. Now type your note and hit enter. Alternatively, you can use cmd / ctrl D to open the drop down.

Jump into a new note

Have a longer note you need to start writing but don't have time to think about where? You can jump into a new stash without worrying about the name by hitting cmd / ctrl N . This creates a new unnamed stash in Home and jumps you into it.

Open an existing note in a tab

To quickly search for an existing stash, type cmd / ctrl O (letter O).

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