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Use stashes to organize your notes.

Create a stashcmd / ctrl N
Convert a note into a stash (open in tab)
View stashselect (mouse click or keyboard arrows)
Add note to stashenter

Create a stash

Hit cmd / ctrl N.

Alternatively, use your right click context menu or cmd / ctrl K menu and select the option "New stash".

Convert a note into a stash

Convert a note into a stash by adding a sub-item.

First, create a note if you haven't already, using the text box at the bottom. Then, open the note in a tab by using your UpArrow to select the note and RightArrow to navigate in. Add a sub-item.

Alternatively, hit enter on the note and add a sub-item directly in the detail panel.

Create a new unnamed stash

Open note in new tab

Select a note, then open it in a new tab with the .

Open an new note in a tab with stashpad

View stash

Select a note or stash with your mouse or your keyboard arrows. You'll see the stash contents in the detail panel on the right side of the app.

Add note to stash

Select a note or stash and hit enter. The note or stash will be shown in the detail panel and you'll be able to add a note underneath it.

Make your Work

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