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Learn keybindings

Keyboard shortcuts are a core part of Stashpad. With that said, don't feel pressure to learn all of them right away - you can still get things done fast even if you only know a couple.

View shortcuts that start with cmd / ctrlPress and hold cmd / ctrl K
Open context menuRight click
Open command palettecmd / ctrl K
View (and customize) any shortcutClick shortcuts icon?

Preview shortcuts

To see quick shortcut tips in Stashpad, press and hold down cmd / ctrl. Shortcuts will appear as gold icons, indicating what the shortcut is for different navigation actions.

Hit any of the shortcuts while still holding down cmd / ctrl to execute that action.

See a list of contextual shortcuts

To choose from a list of actions based on the current context, hit cmd / ctrl K to open the command palette or right-click with the mouse to pull up a context menu.

The available actions can depend on what notes or stashes you have selected, or where you right-clicked.

Using the command palette and context menu is a great way to learn what the shortcut is for different actions as you go.

View all shortcuts

To see a searchable list of all shortcuts available in the app (and to customize keybindings), press ? or click the shortcut icon in the top right area.

Access all of the keybindings from the shortcut menu

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