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Jump into a meeting note quickly

Hit cmd / ctrl N to create a new unnamed stash. This unnamed stash will live in Home where you can find it by chronology easily.

Create a new unnamed stash

Jot down a few notes by typing in the text box at the bottom and hitting enter.

Add notes to a stash

Single tap to name your note.

Rename a stash by single click

Alternatively, you can use shift E to edit the title.

Rename a stash by shift E

When you finish an action item later, you can select the note and hit X to mark it as done.

Mark a note as done by X

Your new stash lives in Home. You can navigate there to find it.

Show Home

If you do not yet have a Meetings stash, you can create a stash Meetings and Pin it on the left side. Then drag and drop the new stash to your Pinned Meetings stash.

Drag and drop a note to a stash

Alternatively, you can hit M to start moving the new stash then type to filter for Meetings. Select the destination stash from the list and hit enter.

Move a stash by shift M

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