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Pin a stash to your left sidebar in order to have quick access to it.

Pin / Unpin a stashP
Go to pinned stashcmd / ctrl P then / to select a stash.
Then hit enter
Go to pinned stash (alt)cmd / ctrl P then 2 where 2 is the number of the pinned stash
Move to pinned stashM

Open a pinned stash (keyboard)

Hit cmd / ctrl to focus the pinned stash section. Then use use / to select the stash you want to go to, and hit enter.

Open a pinned stash (mouse)

To open a pinned stash, click on the pinned stash in your left sidebar.

Pin a stash usinfg the mouse

Move to pinned stash

Hit M to move selected notes to a stash.

You can also use your mouse to drag & drop the note to the destination stash.

Move to pinned stash using mouse drag and drop

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