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Code blocks

ActionHot key
Create code blockStart your note with ```
Create code block with syntax highlightingStart your note with ```python
Create code spanStart your note with `
Copy code from note{

Stashpad has support for code spans and code blocks, including syntax highlighting. You'll be able to copy your code out in one click or one keypress.

Code span

To create a code span, surround your text with single backticks.

Multi-line code block

To create a code block in Stashpad, wrap your text with tiple backticks. You can also specify a language for syntax highlighting.



print("Hello world")



def foo():



function foo()


Use backticks to write code blocks


Each ``` needs to be on it's own line for the code block to render correctly.

// invalid syntax

```def foo()



// valid syntax


def foo()



Copy code in one click

You can then copy your code in on click. No need to drag your mouse over the text.

One click copy an entire code block

Copy code in one keypress

You can also copy your code out in one keypress with {.

One click copy an entire code block using the keyboard shortcut

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