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Reorder notes

Move up one positioncmd / ctrl
Move down one positioncmd / ctrl
Move to topF
Move to bottomB
Move locally (to sibling stash)O then / to select. then enter

Move up / down one position

To move a note upwards, select it and then hit cmd / ctrl .

To move a note downwards, select it and then hit cmd / ctrl .

Use arrow keys to order notes

Move to top / Move to Bottom

Select a note and then hit F to move it to the top of the list.

Select a note and hit B to move it to the bottom of the list.

Send notes to the top or bottom of a stash

Local move

Select the note you'd like to move. Then hit O . Now you can select the destination using your keyboard arrows. Once you find your destination, hit enter to move your note.

Move notes locally with O

Drag and drop

You can also use drag and drop to move notes to stashes.

Make your Work

Also available for .

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