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A quick tour of markdown formatting.

**bold**boldYou can also hit cmd / ctrl B on selected text or on a selected note to apply bold
*italics*italicsYou can also hit cmd / ctrl I on selected text or on a selected note to apply italics
# H1 Header 1
## H2 Header 2
### H3 Header 3
`single line code` single line code
- bullet pointBullet pointNote that leading spaces and newlines are respected. You can create nested bulleted lists.
- [ ]CheckboxYou can create your checkbox filled in by typing - [x].

Markdown rendering

Here's what your markdown text looks like while editing vs. once you've created your note.

How markdown renders in stashpad

Click to edit

You can click inside a note to start editing the note where you clicked. Click-to-edit will take into account any markdown syntax in your text when positioning your cursor.

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