Torn between
Stashpad & Evernote?

It all depends on which tool fits your needs.

  • Made for technical professionals

  • Keyboard-driven

  • Ultra-quick, sub-100ms speed for all actions

  • Automatic timestamps for tracking & filtering

  • Minimal, sleek, notes-only design

  • Native support for technical notes

  • Optimized for short, quick notes as you work

  • Built for mass market

  • Point & click

  • Occasional performance lags

  • Manual tracking & filtering

  • Surplus choice of features beyond notes

  • Add-ons necessary for markdown support and syntax highlighting

  • Optimized for longer, multi-format notes

Made for Technical

Stashpad is a fast, simple way to take notes and stay organized
while working on multiple projects and managing people.


Shortcut everything.

Cut the clicks, and make everything a keystroke away with customizable shortcuts and key bindings. Format notes with markdown so your hands don’t leave the keyboard


Get back to work faster.

With all actions completed in sub-100ms, Stashpad won’t get in the way of your work.


Make quick notes, quickly.

Jot down your short, stream-of-consciousness thoughts and organize them later.


Tracking is accurate and easy.

All notes are timestamped and ordered chronologically by default. Reduce clutter by filtering out old stuff. Accurately keep track of what happens during the workday. Especially handy during incidents or candidate interviews.


It’s simple: we’re notes-only.

We’re a precision tool, laser-focused on one thing: notes. You won’t be distracted by endless, irrelevant features. Using Stashpad is simple and intuitive. No training necessary.

Getting Started with Stashpad

Getting started with Stashpad


Export your notes from your current tool in plain text.


Paste your notes into Stashpad, and click ‘split to notes’ - You can paste in any level of hierarchy with this feature and the structure will be preserved.

Make your Work

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