May 7, 2024

Our new Script Kit Scripts for Stashpad

Theo Marin

Theo Marin

Create and search your Stashpad Docs faster using Script Kit.

Our new Script Kit Scripts for Stashpad

Stashpad Docs is a minimal Google Docs alternative with markdown support and no account required. It's the fastest way to start collaborating on a doc, whether you work at the same company or not.

Script Kit is an awesome tool for automating your day-to-day workflows. It makes it really easy to write, run, and share scripts. It's a flexible and powerful way to remove little frictions you regularly run into. You can even assign a global shortcut to a script - so that you can instantly trigger a script no matter what's on your screen.

We've put together a couple of easy ways to interact with Stashpad Docs via Script Kit! You can install the New Stashpad Doc and Search Stashpad Docs from here: New Stashpad Doc opens up a fresh doc in your browser. Search Stashpad Docs lets you jump to one of your existing docs.

Try assigning a shortcut to them! With the script highlighted in Script Kit, hit cmd / ctrl +K -> Change Shortcut, and type in your shortcut. Try e.g. alt+N for New Stashpad Doc and alt+S for Search Stashpad Docs, to easily jump into a Stashpad Doc from anywhere!

For the Search Stashpad Docs command, you'll need a Stashpad Docs API Key. Once you're logged into Stashpad Docs, you'll be able to retrieve an API key from the Settings Menu in the top right.

We're excited for you to try it out and let us know what you think! Join us on discord or send us an email to (we read and reply to every email!)

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