August 1, 2022

Introducing Stashpad

Cara (Borenstein) Marin

Cara (Borenstein) Marin

Rapid note-taking for modern work

Introducing Stashpad

We're building Stashpad to help developers stay in flow so they can do their best work and enjoy it.

We're software developers. In 2019, our first idea was to build a better wiki for engineering teams. We talked to hundreds of developers who described their workflows and the challenges they experienced. But we couldn't help but notice that something else was always up on their screen. It was the humble scratchpad - an untitled text file, sticky note, message to self, or similar.

The scratchpad is key to how developers get work done.

It's where we jot things down to process information. It's where we go when we have an idea of how to solve a problem. It's where we go to stash something away to come back to later. It's where we go to start drafting a document or considered reply to a teammate.

The scratchpad is where we go to begin our work.

And yet, for most of us, our scratchpad consists of a jumble of sticky notes, random text files, scraps of paper, and messages to yourself.

The result is that we're constantly operating out of a state of chaos. And we don't have to.

Stashpad is a new scratchpad for developers. It's fast to use and actually stays organized so you can do your best work and enjoy it.

Stashpad has all the features that developers expect of any tool - like code syntax highlighting and markdown support. It's also specifically designed to reduce friction in common workflows - like seamlessly jotting something down on an unrelated topic.

You'll find many little details in Stashpad that are intended to make life as a developer just a little bit better.

Bytebase is now Stashpad. We're in Open Beta!

Today, we're excited to announce our name change from Bytebase to Stashpad. In our new name, we wanted to better communicate what the tool is and what it enables you to do: Stashpad is a new kind of developer scratchpad that makes it easy to stash your thoughts and notes without breaking your flow.

We're also excited to release the Stashpad Desktop app in Open Beta. Any developer can go to and instantly download the Stashpad Desktop app for MacOS, Windows, or Linux.

And we're just getting started. Stay tuned for a Stashpad mobile app, integrations with other key tools in the dev toolset, and full extensibility so you can build exactly what you need to power your workflows.

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