March 26, 2024

How to enable dark theme for Google Docs

Jess Cooper

Jess Cooper

Learn how to find and enable dark themes in Google Docs.

How to enable dark theme for Google Docs

We all know developers love a good dark mode.

It's easier on the eyes.

It helps colors pop.

It improves scannability.

And it also just looks arguably more… cool?

So when using tools that companies mandate that aren't necessarily purpose-built for developers, like Google Docs, it can be a pain to make it fit right in among your other developer tools that have dark mode built in.

Luckily, Google Docs has dark mode extensions that you can download to improve your experience.

How to find a dark mode extension for Google Docs

When it comes to enabling dark mode in Google Docs, you're going to have to rely on an extension.

First, go to the Chrome webstore and select 'Extensions' to find extensions.

Next, using the search bar, search for 'Google Docs Dark Mode'

Go ahead and install the extension.

Once installed, your doc will look like this. We're not going to lie, it kind of hurts our eyes. 😭

If this is good enough for you, that's great!

But as a team of developer-first folks, Google Docs dark mode doesn't quite cut it for us. It's just another reason to add to the list on why we built Stashpad Docs, an alternative to Google Docs.

Stashpad Docs is a simple, no-frills, snappy docs app made specifically for development teams.

And yes, our dark mode rocks.

How to enable dark mode in Stashpad Docs

Looking for a dark theme doc that's actually easy on the eyes?

Stashpad has a number of custom themes depending on your mood or vibe.

Try the traditional Dark mode theme in Stashpad Docs

A fan of the classics? Don't want to mess with a good thing? Stashpad's traditional dark mode theme is probably good for you. Nice and dark with high-contrast text and background, just as you'd expect.

Try a softer spin on classic dark mode with Stashpad's Grey Theme

If you still like the idea of dark mode, but don't want something quite as stark, try Stashpad Doc's Grey Theme. It's a bit softer on the eyes, but still delivers all the same benefits of regular dark mode.

Try the Sea Theme for a little flair on Dark Mode

Our co-founder's personal favorite theme is the Sea Theme. Again, its background is dark enough to provide an excellent experience, but is a gorgeous hue of bluey-green to make it a little more interesting and fun.

Who said dark mode has to be boring?

How to change the theme in Stashpad?

Changing our theme in Stashpad Docs requires far fewer clicks than Google Docs. Simply click on your profile icon on the top right of your screen, and click 'Theme'.

Select which you prefer, and you're good to go!

Easy to change from day to night, or with whatever your mood brings!

You'll also find a Light and System theme if you prefer a brighter experience.

Stashpad Docs, an alternative to Google Docs

Stashpad Docs is a minimalist alternative to Google Docs that streamlines collaboration with a developer-centric approach.

It’s the fastest way to start collaborating - it just takes a single click to jump into a new doc. No more permission dances or nine-click battles, just a fast and easy experience.

Try Stashpad Docs, an alternative to Google Docs, for free today.

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