March 13, 2024

Introducing Stashpad Docs for Instant Collaboration

Cara Marin

Cara Marin

Stashpad Docs is a minimal Google Docs alternative with markdown support and no account required.

Introducing Stashpad Docs for Instant Collaboration

Our mission at Stashpad has always been to help developers work more productively and enjoy the process. As we’ve refined our personal developer notepad tool, Stashpad Lists, we noticed a common theme in discussions. Just as most developers use a personal notepad to support their working memory for individual work, teams use collaboration tools like Google Docs to support their shared working memory. Until now, Google Docs has remained the de-facto solution for real-time collaboration - but we’re here to offer a better, simpler experience.

The clunky setup of collaborative documents, unwieldy comments, and the lack of a developer-friendly interface leaves a lot to be wanted by dev teams using Google Docs. We set out to reimagine and simplify collaborative docs to not only address these pain points but also to add a touch of joy to the collaborative process.

👉 Enter Stashpad Docs

Stashpad Docs is a minimal alternative to Google Docs with markdown support and no account required. It's the fastest way to start collaborating - it just takes a single click to jump into a new doc. No more permission dances or nine-click battles, just a fast and easy experience.

Type in your browser to start.

Watch the demo.

Work faster with a snappy, real-time collaboration experience

Stashpad Docs offers sub 50ms interactions, no matter where you and your collaborators are in the world. It’s built with a local-first architecture so that lag never gets in the way of creativity.

Stay focused with markdown and a minimal, beautiful interface

We believe that simplicity is the key to better collaboration. Stashpad Docs was designed to be a joy to use with no learning curve. The interface is intentionally minimal, with each element serving a purpose. It has a familiar interface with no fancy auto-formatting, no massive menus, and no block-based editing. Just start typing and let your creativity flow.

Don’t let logging in get in the way of collaboration

Jump into a shared doc without creating an account. Just drop the link and get started. Optionally login to unlock additional functionality.

Stashpad Docs is more than just an alternative to Google Docs. It's a simple approach to docs that’s designed to get out of your way so you can do your work. It has everything you need in your writing experience and nothing you don’t.

Whether you're a markdown expert or beginner you’ll be able to efficiently work in Stashpad Docs. It's intentionally feature-light, keeping distractions at bay and allowing users to focus on their work and collaborate with others.

Stashpad Docs is simple, performant, and beautiful. It’s painless to get started with. We care a lot about removing friction in doing what you’re trying to do. It just does its core job really well and doesn’t try to do too much.

- Theo Marin,
Co-Founder & CTO, Stashpad

Get alignment through an updated commenting experience

An improved commenting experience is in the works (coming soon!). This update is designed to make lively discussions with your peers more efficient and manageable. You’ll be able to create comments visible only to you - essentially “notes to self” - as well as comments visible only to the author. By having more control over comment visibility, you’ll be able to better facilitate thoughtful conversation.

The Future of Stashpad Docs

Over the coming months, we'll continue to work on making Stashpad Docs the most delightful docs experience. We'll add more capabilities around managing comments, further improving document discoverability, and making access control even easier.

As of today, Stashpad Docs is available to everyone. We can't wait for you to get your hands on it and experience the joy of frictionless, collaborative docs. Stay tuned for product updates and in the meantime, learn more about Stashpad Docs and try it out at

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