August 23, 2022

Announcing our $1.8M pre-seed round to reinvent the developer notepad

Theo Marin

Theo Marin

Cara (Borenstein) Marin

Cara (Borenstein) Marin

Backed by engineering leaders from Twilio, Algolia, PagerDuty, Postman

Announcing our $1.8M pre-seed round to reinvent the developer notepad

At Stashpad, we're building a notepad for developers. We believe that a tool we rely on daily doesn't have to be limited, slow, or frustrating. While advancements have been made in collaboration tools and coding tools, the tool we use to jot down our thoughts or keep track of multiple threads while doing our work hasn't received enough attention. We think it's time that we had a tool designed to serve us as we navigate a complex, fast-paced environment.

Stashpad is a tool designed by developers, for developers. It's the tool we wished existed. We're focused on being grounded in reality - on building something that we and other developers actually want, not what sounds good in theory. We're interested in noticing what little challenges developers face repeatedly as they're going about their day, and giving them something that helps them navigate those challenges more seamlessly.

Part of this effort involves recognizing that, despite how it's portrayed in movies, the work of a developer is not typing code furiously all day. Writing code is part of it - but so is gathering requirements, doing research, outlining our strategy and noting different options, helping out a teammate or asking for help, getting pulled into high priority discussions or investigations, juggling multiple tasks that are at different stages, remembering what we did a month ago, jotting down ideas for later, keeping track of why certain decisions were made, adjusting as new information comes in…

There's a lot going on in a typical day. And it's too much to keep all in our heads.

Until now, we've had two different kinds of solutions for this problem: a barebones scratchpad: sticky notes, or raw text files - or a heavy, knowledge base solution: something that works great for putting together beautiful, formal documents, but is overkill for the quick, messy notes we jot down for our own purposes.

Stashpad is fast, but also flexible and structured. It lets you get things down or find what you're looking for without slowing down. It's designed to keep things in order without effort on your part. It fits into your workflow, rather than forcing you into a rigid paradigm.

And we're just getting started. Coming soon, we'll introduce more ways to customize Stashpad, as well as a mobile app, integrations, and full extensibility - so that you can make Stashpad the tool that perfectly fits your workflows. Ultimately, we see Stashpad becoming the home base for developers - your go to place for managing your day-to-day.

We're excited to announce our $1.8M pre-seed round with investment from Charles Hudson at Precursor Ventures, Alex Solomon (CTO PagerDuty), Gergely Orosz (The Pragmatic Engineer), Will Larson (CTO Calm,, Cassidy Williams (Devrel @ Remote), Brian McCullough (Techmeme Ride Home), Jesse Miller (Growth at Postman), Brian Douglas (ex-Devrel @ Github, Opensauced), Chris Corcoran (Product @ Algolia), Steve Klein (Co-founder StatusPage acq Atlassian, LaunchNotes), Mike Brevoort (CTO Missions Slack Workflow Builder acq Slack, Gitpod), Ken Carnesi (CEO DNSFilter), Andrea Funsten (Basecamp Fund), Nilanjana Bhowmik (Converge Ventures), Tweener Fund, Monica Black ( and engineers at Twilio, Nextdoor, Coinbase, Stripe, RapidAPI, Pinterest, PlanetScale, Loom, Webflow, and others.

We're using this round to build out our team- and to deliver on the promise of our core product.

We're excited to keep making Stashpad better every day - and excited to hear your feedback!

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