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Pin / Unpin a stashP
Go to pinned stashcmd / ctrl P then / to select a stash.
Then hit enter
Go to pinned stash (alt)cmd / ctrl P then 2 where 2 is the number of the pinned stash
Move to pinned stashM

Open a pinned stash (keyboard)

Hit cmd / ctrl P to focus the pinned stash section. Then hit the corresponding number.

Alternatively, after focusing the pinned stash section, use / to select the stash you'd like to open. The press enter to open it.

Open a pinned stash (mouse)

To open a pinned stash, click on the pinned stash in your left sidebar.

Pin a stash usinfg the mouse

Move to pinned stash

Hit M on selected stashes or bytes to focus the pinned stash section, and use any of the above methods to select which stash you want to move to.

Move to pinned stash using keyboard

Or use mouse to select the note. Hit M and select the pinned stash you want to move to. Alternately, use the mouse to drag & drop the note to the destination stash.

Move to pinned stash using mouse drag and drop

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