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Organize notes

Create a stashcmd / ctrl N
Convert a note into a stash (open in tab)
Reordercmd / ctrl
Move to stashM
Assign colorL
Mark doneX

Create a stash

Hit cmd / ctrl N.

Alternatively, use your right click context menu or cmd / ctrl K menu to select the option "New stash".

Create a new unnamed stash

Convert a note into a stash

First, create a note if you haven't already, using the text box at the bottom. Then, open the note in a tab by using your UpArrow to select the note and RightArrow to navigate in. Add a sub-item.

Open an new note in a tab with stashpad

Alternatively, expand the note inline and add a sub-item directly.

Re-order notes

You can re-order notes with drag and drop or with your keyboard.

To move a note upward without leaving your keyboard, select it and then hit cmd / ctrl . You can move a note down one position with cmd / ctrl .

See more ways to Reorder Notes.

Quickly reorder notes with stashpad

Move notes to stash

To move notes to a stash, you can use drag and drop or use the M command.

Move your notes to a pinned stash

You can also use the CMD-K menu and select the Move option, then type to filter for any stash.

Move your notes from one stash to another

Drag and drop

Use drag and drop to move notes into stashes or re-order your notes.

Assign color

You can assign a color to a note or stash by selecting it and hitting L(or shift L for the current stash). Select the color with / followed by enter, or by clicking a color.

Assign colors to your notes

Mark as done

You can mark a note as done using the X key. This will remove focus so that it doesn't have as much emphasis as a regular note. You can customize how Stashpad handles completed todos. See more in Todos

Mark a note as done

Make your Work

Also available for .

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