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Learn keybindings

View shortcuts that start with cmd / ctrlPress and hold cmd / ctrl K
Choose from a list of shortcutsRight click
Choose from a list of shortcutscmd / ctrl K
View all shortcutsClick shortcuts icon?

Preview shortcuts

To see where you can quickly interact with Stashpad, press and hold down cmd / ctrl. Shortcuts will appear as green icons throughout the app, indicating what you can press and what part of Stashpad you will interact with.

Hit any of the shortcuts while still holding down cmd / ctrl to execute that action.

Choose from a list of shortcuts

To choose from a list of shortcuts based on the current context, hit cmd / ctrl K or right click with the mouse.

The context can depend on what notes or stashes have been selected, or where you right clicked, and the available shortcuts will change accordingly.

View all shortcuts

To see a searchable list of all shortcuts available in the app (and to Customize keybindings them), press ? or click the shortcut icon in the top right area.

Access all of the keybindings from the shortcut menu

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